Studio Tuition & Policies

Annual Registration Fee
Per Student $35
Second Family Sibling $10
Third Family Sibling $5
No registration for Summer
Monthly Tuition
1 class (60min) $65
2 classes $100
3 classes $135
4 classes $160
5 classes $185
Unlimited Single
(Up to 10 classes)
Unlimited Family
(Up to 15 classes)
Each Additional class + $10
*Tuition is based on family rates and classes per week. Tuition remains the same regardless of shorter months and Holidays.
Drop In
Drop In Class $25
Unlimited Day Pass $40
Unlimited Week Pass $60
* Expires 7 days after first class * Unlimited day and week passes are one-time use only and you must choose one. Both cannot be purchased. * No unlimited Day/Week passes for summer.
Private Lessons (30 min rates)
DN Company Members
Solo $30
Duet or Trio $20 per student
Registered DN Students
Solo $35
Duet or Trio $25 per student
PLEASE NOTE: Some incidental fees not listed but are in DN Policies & Procedures: recital fees, apparel, shoes, tights, hair bows, socks, extra recital tickets, additional costumes, program ads, videos, pictures, late fees & etc.

Policy Papers to Download

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